CompTIA A+ 220-901 – Q399

Joe, a customer, contacts the help desk report his laptop screen has become dark and the screen content is difficult to see. After troubleshooting with the user, Ann, the technician, determines Joe was off-site at a park when the issue occurred. Which of the following describes what Ann should do to educate Joe?

A. Ann should explain that the power-saving features on the laptop dim the screen, and Joe can use the function keys to brighten it again.
B. Ann should explain that when Joe first powers on the laptop, he can access a menu to change the user profile to “light.”
C. Ann should explain that because it is a corporate laptop, the screen is dimmed as a part of corporate policy when Joe is not in the office.
D. Ann should explain that is a security feature to protect against shoulder-surfing attacks and should not be disabled.

Correct Answer: A