220-902 – Q313

Joe, a user, calls the help desk from a coffee shop while on a business trip to report the WiFi hotspot on his phone is extremely slow. The technician runs a speed test from a laptop connected to the hotspot and gets 2000 Kbps. Ann, Joe’s coworker with whom he is travelling, also has a hotspot on her phone, and the speed test result on that hotspot is 15 Mbps. The technician checks the hotspot settings on Joe’s phone and sees the following:

Network name:Joe’s Hotspot
Band:2.4 GHz
Client DHCP start address:

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

A. Joe should be using WEP security on his hotspot for faster throughput
B. Someone else is using Joe’s hotspot due to a weak password
C. Joe’s hotspot gave him an invalid IP address
D. Joe is likely in a poor signal area and should try another area

Correct Answer: B