CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Q148

A network technician is attempting to locate a switch connected to the fourth floor west side of the building. Which of the following will allow quick identification of the switch, when looking at a logical diagram?

A. Building layout
B. Patch panel labeling
C. Packet sniffing
D. Naming conventions

Correct Answer: D
Section: Industry standards, practices, and network theory

The building in this question has several floors and the floors are large enough to be identified by area such as ‘west side’ etc. It is likely that a logical diagram of the network in such a building would be quite complicated and the network is likely to have several switches.
A naming convention is a standard for naming items, in this case, networking components. When it comes to naming switches, using names like Switch1, Switch2 etc. for example won’t help when you need to know where the switches are located.
In a building with multiple floors with each floor large enough to be defined by area names, you could a naming convention like SW1-FL4-WS where SW1 identifies the item as a Switch with the number 1, FL4 identifies the location as Floor 4 and WS further identifies the location as West Side. Using this convention, switch number 2 on the third floor east side would be named SW2-FL3-ES.