CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Q377

A network technician is informed that some clients cannot connect to a critical business application. This application is hosted on a server that resides within the local VLAN. The server has a domain name of Appserver1.CorpXYZ.local. The technician notices some client machines can still connect to the application server, while others in the same office cannot. All of the office computers share similar networking hardware, and connect to the same switch.

The network technician inspects an office computer that cannot establish a connection. The technician simultaneously runs a protocol analyzer on this office computer, and then attempts to ping the address Appserver.CorpXYZ.local. The technician receives a reply to the ping, but a connection to the business application still cannot be established. The following output is observed in the protocol analyzer:


Based on this output, which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the connectivity issues?

A. The DNS is not resolving Appserver1. CorpXYZ.local to the correct IP address.
B. Responses from Appserver1 are being redirected to a different host.
C. Another machine on the network has the same IP address as Appserver1.
D. The office computer is connected to a trunk port, and the wrong native VLAN has been set.

Correct Answer: C