CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Q387

An engineer is reviewing network logs on a management switch and discovers that, compared to previous reports, a large amount of traffic is coming from a particular node. Upon further investigation, the engineer determines traffic coming from the port in question is using points that indicate NAT is occurring somewhere downstream from that point. After conferring with another network manager, the team determines a user has added an unauthorized SOHO WLAN router to the network. Among the vulnerabilities that could result from such an action is the possibility of the user inadvertently connecting the LAN interface of the SOHO router into the LAN port coming from the corporate network. This configuration would MOST likely result in which of the following scenarios?

A. Excessive interface on the corporate LAN port
B. DHCP scope exhaustion
C. Evil twin stacks
D. Competing DHCP servers on a single LAN

Correct Answer: C