CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Q80

Which of the following would be the result of a user physically unplugging a VoIP phone and connecting it into another interface with switch port security enabled as the default setting?

A. The VoIP phone would request a new phone number from the unified communications server.
B. The VoIP phone would cause the switch interface, that the user plugged into, to shutdown.
C. The VoIP phone would be able to receive incoming calls but will not be able to make outgoing calls.
D. The VoIP phone would request a different configuration from the unified communications server.

Correct Answer: B
Section: Network security

Without configuring any other specific parameters, the switchport security feature will only permit one MAC address to be learned per switchport (dynamically) and use the shutdown violation mode; this means that if a second MAC address is seen on the switchport the port will be shutdown and put into the err-disabled state.