CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q1015

Which of the following concepts is used by digital signatures to ensure integrity of the data?

A. Non-repudiation
B. Hashing
C. Transport encryption
D. Key escrow

Correct Answer: B
Section: Cryptography

Most digital signature implementations also use a hash to verify that the message has not been altered, intentionally or accidently, in transit.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Regarding digital security, the cryptographical meaning and application of non-repudiation shifts to mean:
A service that provides proof of the integrity and origin of data.
An authentication that can be asserted to be genuine with high assurance.
C: Digital signatures are not implemented through transport encryption.
D: Key escrow addresses the possibility that a third party may need to access keys. Under the conditions of key escrow, the keys needed to encrypt/decrypt data are held in an escrow
account (think of the term as it relates to home mortgages) and made available if that third party requests them.

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