CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q1123

A system administrator is setting up a file transfer server. The goal is to encrypt the user authentication and the files the user is sending using only a user ID and a key pair. Which of the following methods would achieve this goal?

B. IPSec

Correct Answer: D
Section: Cryptography

With SSH you can use automatically generated public-private key pairs to encrypt a network connection, and then use password authentication to log on. Or you can use a manually
generated public-private key pair to perform the authentication, allowing users or programs to log in without having to specify a password.

Incorrect Answers:
A: AES is an algorithm used in symmetric key cryptography. Symmetric or secret-key ciphers use the same key for encrypting and decrypting. This means that there is only one key,
not a key pair.
B: IPSec provides secure authentication and encryption of data and headers for LAN-to-LAN connections.
C: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is mainly used for message encryption.

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