CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q1502

An administrator performs a risk calculation to determine if additional availability controls need to be in place. The administrator estimates that a server fails and needs to be replaced once every 2 years at a cost of $8,000. Which of the following represents the factors that the administrator would use to facilitate this calculation?

A. ARO= 0.5; SLE= $4,000; ALE= $2,000
B. ARO=0.5; SLE=$8,000; ALE=$4,000
C. ARO=0.5; SLE= $4,000; ALE=$8,000
D. ARO=2; SLE= $4,000; ALE=$8,000
E. ARO=2; SLE= $8,000; ALE= $16,000

Correct Answer: B
Section: Mixed Questions