CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q208

Which of the following can result in significant administrative overhead from incorrect reporting?

A. Job rotation
B. Acceptable usage policies
C. False positives
D. Mandatory vacations

Correct Answer: C
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

False positives are essentially events that are mistakenly flagged and are not really events to be concerned about. This causes a significant administrative overhead because the reporting is what results in the false positives.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Job rotation is a strategy employed to provide redundancy in employees’ abilities in addition to being an access control method.
B: Acceptable use policies describe how employees are allowed to use company systems and resources.
D: Mandatory vacations are strategies employed to that the company can fill in any gaps in skills and satisfies the need to have replication and duplication of skills, not necessarily
administrative overhead but rather redundancy in human resources.

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