Comptia Security Plus Mock Test Q22

Pete, the system administrator, wants to restrict access to advertisements, games, and gambling web sites. Which of the following devices would BEST achieve this goal?

A. Firewall
B. Switch
C. URL content filter
D. Spam filter

Correct Answer: C
Section: Network Security

URL filtering, also known as web filtering, is the act of blocking access to a site based on all or part of the URL used to request access. URL filtering can focus on all or part of a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), specific path names, specific filenames, specific fi le extensions, or entire specific URLs. Many URL-filtering tools can obtain updated master URL block lists from vendors as well as allow administrators to add or remove URLs from a custom list.

Incorrect Answers:
A: The basic purpose of a firewall is to isolate one network from another. Firewalls are available as appliances, meaning they’re installed as the primary device separating two

B: Switches are multiport devices that improve network efficiency.

D: A spam filter is a software or hardware tool whose primary purpose is to identify and block/filter/remove unwanted messages (that is, spam).

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