CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q245

The system administrator notices that their application is no longer able to keep up with the large amounts of traffic their server is receiving daily. Several packets are dropped and sometimes the server is taken offline. Which of the following would be a possible solution to look into to ensure their application remains secure and available?

A. Cloud computing
B. Full disk encryption
C. Data Loss Prevention

Correct Answer: A
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Cloud computing means hosting services and data on the Internet instead of hosting it locally. There is thus no issue when the company’s server is taken offline.

Incorrect Answers:
B: Full disk encryption allows data that has been stolen to remain out of the eyes of intruders. This does not address availability issues.
C: Data Loss prevention systems are used to monitor the contents of workstations, servers and networks. Essentially it makes sure that key content is not deleted or removed by
legitimate users.
D: Hierarchical storage management (HSM) provides continuous online backup by using optical or tape jukeboxes. It appears as an infinite disk to the system, and you can configure it
to provide the closest version of an available real-time backup. This does not address the issues of the application to remain secure and available.

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