Comptia Security Plus Mock Test Q25

Pete, an employee, attempts to visit a popular social networking site but is blocked. Instead, a page is displayed notifying him that this site cannot be visited. Which of the following is MOST likely blocking Pete’s access to this site?

A. Internet content filter
B. Firewall
C. Proxy server
D. Protocol analyzer

Correct Answer: A
Section: Network Security

Web filtering software is designed to restrict or control the content a reader is authorised to access, especially when utilised to restrict material delivered over the Internet via the Web, e-mail, or other means.

Incorrect Answers:
B: The basic purpose of a firewall is to isolate one network from another.

C: A proxy server is a variation of an application firewall or circuit-level firewall, and used as a middleman between clients and servers. Often a proxy serves as a barrier against
external threats to internal clients.

D: The terms protocol analyzer and packet sniffer are interchangeable. They refer to the tools used in the process of monitoring the data that is transmitted across a network.

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