CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q263

Requiring technicians to report spyware infections is a step in which of the following?

A. Routine audits
B. Change management
C. Incident management
D. Clean desk policy

Correct Answer: C
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Incident management refers to the steps followed when events occur (making sure controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access to, and changes of, all IT assets).

Incorrect Answers:
A: Routine audits are carried out after you have implemented security controls based on risk. These audits include aspects such as user rights and permissions and specific events.
B: change management refers to the structured approach that is followed to secure a company’s assets.
D: Clean Desk Policy – Information on a desk — in terms of printouts, pads of note paper, sticky notes, and the like — can be easily seen by prying eyes and taken by thieving hands.
To protect data and your business, encourage employees to maintain clean desks and to leave out only those papers that are relevant to the project they are working on at that
moment. All sensitive information should be put away when the employee is away from their desk.

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