CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q280

Which of the following assets is MOST likely considered for DLP?

A. Application server content
B. USB mass storage devices
C. Reverse proxy
D. Print server

Correct Answer: B
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Data loss prevention (DLP) systems monitor the contents of systems (workstations, servers, and networks) to make sure that key content is not deleted or removed. They also monitor who is using the data (looking for unauthorized access) and transmitting the data. A USB presents the most likely device to be used to steal data because of its physical size.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Application server content would be hosting the software required by users to completet their tasks. Not likely to be DLP monitored.
C: Reverse proxy – firewalls can be set to perform proxy servers, and this can thus also be reversed – this is not likely to be DLP monitored.
D: A print server will most likely be used to make a printout of the data and this poses a paper trail and a physical, big piece or several pages of paper that must be used to steal data.
Too obvious to be monitored using DLP.

Dulaney, Emmett and Chuck Eastton, CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, 6th Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2014, p. 237