CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q332

The manager has a need to secure physical documents every night, since the company began enforcing the clean desk policy. The BEST solution would include: (Select TWO).

A. Fire- or water-proof safe.
B. Department door locks.
C. Proximity card.
D. 24-hour security guard.
E. Locking cabinets and drawers.

Correct Answer: A,E
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Using a safe and locking cabinets to protect backup media, documentation, and any other physical artifacts that could do harm if they fell into the wrong hands would form part of keeping employees desks clean as in a clean desk policy.

Incorrect Answers:
B: Door lock will keep intruders out of the rooms and buildings. It does not keep the desk clean.
C: Proximity cards are in essence any card or ID that would be used with a card reader that will grant legitimate users access to an area, room or building – it does not interfere with the clean desk policy.
D: Security guards are used to keep intruders out.

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