CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q342

Which of the following has serious security implications for large organizations and can potentially allow an attacker to capture conversations?

A. Subnetting
C. Jabber

Correct Answer: C
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Jabber is a new unified communications application and could possible expose you to attackers that want to capture conversations because Jabber provides a single interface across presence, instant messaging, voice, video messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Subnetting means that you make use of a subnet mask value to divide a network into smaller components. In essence this gives you more networks, but a smaller number of hosts available on each, thus making your network more secure and manageable.
B: Network Address Translation is meant to extend the number of usable internet addresses sin that it allows a company to present a single address to the Internet for all computer connections. But NAT also acts a a fire wall and effectively hides your network from the world.
D: A DMZ (demilitarized zone) is an area in a network that allows restrictive access to untrusted users and isolates the internal network from access by external users and systems. It does so by using routers and firewalls to limit access to sensitive network resources.

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