CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q351

When implementing fire suppression controls in a datacenter it is important to:

A. Select a fire suppression system which protects equipment but may harm technicians.
B. Ensure proper placement of sprinkler lines to avoid accidental leakage onto servers.
C. Integrate maintenance procedures to include regularly discharging the system.
D. Use a system with audible alarms to ensure technicians have 20 minutes to evacuate.

Correct Answer: B
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Water-based systems can cause serious damage to all electrical equipment and the sprinkler lines in a fire suppression control system should be placed in such a way so as not to leak onto computers when it do get activated because it works with overhead nozzles.

Incorrect Answers:
A: A datacenter will require a fixed system fire suppression and this is usually water-based systems which works with sprinklers to suppress the fire should one occur. This a waterbased system a hardly likely to harm the technicians.
C: You would not want to discharge the water of a fire suppression system on a regular basis as it would mean that you may spill water over your equipment which can cause serious damage.
D: Audible alarms will only server to warn people to evacuate and not safeguard the equipment.

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