CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q365

Visitors entering a building are required to close the back door before the front door of the same entry room is open. Which of the following is being described?

A. Tailgating
B. Fencing
C. Screening
D. Mantrap

Correct Answer: D
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Mantraps are designed to contain an unauthorized, potentially hostile person/individual physically until authorities arrive. Mantraps are typically manufactured with bulletproof glass, high-strength doors, and locks and to allow the minimal amount of individuals depending on its size. Some mantraps even include scales that will weigh the person. The doors are designed in such a way as to open only when the mantrap is occupied or empty and not in-between. This means that the backdoor must first close before the front door will open; exactly what is required in this scenario.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Tailgating is the term used for someone being so close to you when you enter a building that they are able to come in right behind you without needing to use a key, a card, or any
other security device.
B: Fencing is perimeter security to keep unauthorized people off your premises.
C: Screening does not necessitate people to close or open doors.

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