Comptia Security Plus Mock Test Q39

Joe, a technician at the local power plant, notices that several turbines had ramp up in cycles during the week. Further investigation by the system engineering team determined that a timed .exe file had been uploaded to the system control console during a visit by international contractors. Which of the following actions should Joe recommend?

A. Create a VLAN for the SCADA
B. Enable PKI for the MainFrame
C. Implement patch management
D. Implement stronger WPA2 Wireless

Correct Answer: A
Section: Network Security

VLANs are used for traffic management. VLANs can be used to isolate traffic between network segments. This can be accomplished by not defining a route between different VLANs or by specifying a deny filter between certain VLANs (or certain members of a VLAN). Any network segment that doesn’t need to communicate with another in order to accomplish a work task/function shouldn’t be able to do so.

Incorrect Answers:
B: PKI focuses on proving the identity of communication partners, providing a means to securely exchange session-based symmetric encryption keys through asymmetric
cryptographic solutions, and providing a means to protect message integrity through the use of hashing.

C: Patch management is the formal process of ensuring that updates and patches are properly tested and applied to production systems.

D: Implementing stronger WPA2 Wireless will not solve the problem of keeping the networks separate.

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