CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q404

The main corporate website has a service level agreement that requires availability 100% of the time, even in the case of a disaster. Which of the following would be required to meet this demand?

A. Warm site implementation for the datacenter
B. Geographically disparate site redundant datacenter
C. Localized clustering of the datacenter
D. Cold site implementation for the datacenter

Correct Answer: B
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Data backups, redundant systems, and disaster recovery plans all support availability. AN in this case a geographically disparate site redundant datacenter represents 100% availability regardless of whether a disaster event occurs.

Incorrect Answers:
A: A warm site provides some of the capabilities of a hot site, but it requires the customer to do more work to become operational. Warm sites provide computer systems and compatible media capabilities. If a warm site is used, administrators and other staff will need to install and configure systems to resume operations.
C: Anytime you connect multiple computers to work/act together as a single server, it is known as clustering. In this case localized clustering does not guarantee 100 % availability in the event of a disaster occurring.
D: A cold site is a facility that isn’t immediately ready to use. The organization using it must bring along its equipment and network. A cold site may provide network capability, but this isn’t usually the case; the site provides a place for operations to resume, but it doesn’t provide the infrastructure to support those operations.

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