CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q419

Which of the following disaster recovery strategies has the highest cost and shortest recovery time?

A. Warm site
B. Hot site
C. Cold site
D. Co-location site

Correct Answer: B
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

A hot site is a location that can provide operations within hours of a failure. This type of site would have servers, networks, and telecommunications equipment in place to reestablish service in a short time. Hot sites provide network connectivity, systems, and preconfigured software to meet the needs of an organization. Databases can be kept up-to-date using network connections. These types of facilities are expensive, and they’re primarily suitable for short-term situations.
Incorrect Answers:
A: A warm site provides some of the capabilities of a hot site, but it requires the customer to do more work to become operational. Warm sites provide computer systems and compatible media capabilities.
C: A cold site is a facility that isn’t immediately ready to use. The organization using it must bring along its equipment and network. A cold site may provide network capability, but this isn’t usually the case; the site provides a place for operations to resume, but it doesn’t provide the infrastructure to support those operations.
D: A co-location site is type of site where your web hosting is done, e.g. an ISP, or a web hosting company where many different customers host their web presence.
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