CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q456

Ann, a newly hired human resource employee, sent out confidential emails with digital signatures, to an unintended group. Which of the following would prevent her from denying accountability?

A. Email Encryption
B. Steganography
C. Non Repudiation
D. Access Control

Correct Answer: C
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Nonrepudiation prevents one party from denying actions they carried out.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Email encryption is used to protect privacy.
B: Steganography is the process of hiding one message in another. Steganography may also be referred to as electronic watermarking.
C: Access Control is used to govern which users have access to the email.

Dulaney, Emmett and Chuck Eastton, CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, 6th Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2014, pp. 248, 262, 414