CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q465

A large bank has moved back office operations offshore to another country with lower wage costs in an attempt to improve profit and productivity. Which of the following would be a customer concern if the offshore staff had direct access to their data?

A. Service level agreements
B. Interoperability agreements
C. Privacy considerations
D. Data ownership

Correct Answer: C

Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Businesses such as banks have legally mandated privacy requirements and with moving operations offshore there is decentralized control with has implications for privacy of data.

Incorrect Answers:
A: An SLA is a contract between a supplier and a customer and is not the issue at hand in this case.
B: An interoperability agreement is a contract that defines the arrangement of two or more companies that agree to work together as part of a transitioning phase; this is not the issue at hand.
D: Data Ownership becomes an issue when third parties become involved. This is not the case here.

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