CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q473

The IT department noticed that there was a significant decrease in network performance during the afternoon hours. The IT department performed analysis of the network and discovered this was due to users accessing and downloading music and video streaming from social sites. The IT department notified corporate of their findings and a memo was sent to all employees addressing the misuse of company resources and requesting adherence to company policy. Which of the following policies is being enforced?

A. Acceptable use policy
B. Telecommuting policy
C. Data ownership policy
D. Non disclosure policy

Correct Answer: A
Section: Compliance and Operational Security

Acceptable use policy describes how employees are allowed to use company systems and resources, and the consequences of misuse.

Incorrect Answers:
B: A telecommuting policy does not address issues of users accessing and downloading from social sites.
C: A data ownership policy will address issues regarding company or individual info being removed as in wiping when users are allowed to bring their own devices.
D: Non-disclosure policies address issues of confidentiality and privacy, especially in terms of employees leaving the company and industrial espionage.

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