Comptia Security Plus Mock Test Q52

Matt, the IT Manager, wants to create a new network available to virtual servers on the same hypervisor, and does not want this network to be routable to the firewall. How could this BEST be accomplished?

A. Create a VLAN without a default gateway.
B. Remove the network from the routing table.
C. Create a virtual switch.
D. Commission a stand-alone switch.

Correct Answer: C
Section: Network Security

A Hyper-V Virtual Switch implements policy enforcement for security, isolation, and service levels.

Incorrect Answers:
A: The default gateway usually connects the internal networks and the Internet. This could result in the gateway node acting as a proxy server and a firewall. The gateway is also
associated with both a router, and a switch. A router makes use of headers and forwarding tables to determine where packets are sent, and a switch supplies the actual path for the
packet in and out of the gateway. Therefore, a gateway is necessary.

B: A routing table contains information about the topology of the network immediately around it. Removing the network from it would prevent the virtual servers from connecting to the

D: A standalone switch is able to function independently of other hardware. This would involve cost and effort. Using a virtual switch is the best option.