Comptia Security Plus Mock Test Q59

A security analyst needs to ensure all external traffic is able to access the company’s front-end servers but protect all access to internal resources. Which of the following network design elements would MOST likely be recommended?

B. Cloud computing
D. Virtualization

Correct Answer: A
Section: Network Security

A demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area of a network that is designed specifically for public users to access. The DMZ is a buffer network between the public untrusted Internet and the private trusted LAN. Often a DMZ is deployed through the use of a multihomed firewall.

Incorrect Answers:
B: Cloud computing is a popular term that refers to performing processing and storage elsewhere, over a network connection, rather than locally.

C: A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a hardware-imposed network segmentation created by switches. VLANs are used for traffic management. VLANs can be used to isolate traffic
between network segments.

D: Virtualization offers several benefits, such as being able to launch individual instances of servers or services as needed, real-time scalability, and the ability to run the exact OS
version required for a certain application.

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