CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q763

Which of the following should Matt, a security administrator, include when encrypting smartphones? (Select TWO).

A. Steganography images
B. Internal memory
C. Master boot records
D. Removable memory cards
E. Public keys

Correct Answer: B,D
Section: Application, Data and Host Security

All useable data on the device should be encrypted. This data can be located on the hard drive, or removable drives, such as USB devices and memory cards, and on internal

Incorrect Answers:
A: Steganography is a process of hiding one communication inside another communication. It can use passwords to prevent unauthorized extraction of the hidden communication and
can also use encryption to mitigate against brute-force attempts at extraction. Steganography can also be used to detect theft, fraud, or modification when the hidden communication is
a watermark.
C: The master boot record (MBR) stores information on how the logical partitions on a hard drive are organized and contains loaders for the operating system. This is not data at risk
and does not need to be encrypted.
E: Public keys are used in asymmetrical cryptography. It is publicly available and is derived from the user’s private key. It does not hold any useable data as the private key cannot be
used to reverse engineer the user’s private key.

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