CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q787

A user has several random browser windows opening on their computer. Which of the following programs can be installed on his machine to help prevent this from happening?

A. Antivirus
B. Pop-up blocker
C. Spyware blocker
D. Anti-spam

Correct Answer: B
Section: Application, Data and Host Security

Pop-up blockers prevent websites from opening new browser windows without the users consent. These are often used for advertisements but can also be used to distribute malicious

Incorrect Answers:
A: Antivirus software is used to protect systems against viruses, which are a form of malicious code designed to spread from one system to another, consuming network resources.
C: Spyware monitors a user’s activity and uses network protocols to reports it to a third party without the user’s knowledge or consent. This is usually accomplished using a tracking
D: A spam filter is a software or hardware solution used to identify and block, filter, or remove unwanted messages sent via email or instant messaging (IM). It does not block random
browser windows, which are pop-up windows, from opening.

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