CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q805

An administrator is building a development environment and requests that three virtual servers are cloned and placed in a new virtual network isolated from the production network. Which of the following describes the environment the administrator is building?

A. Cloud
B. Trusted
C. Sandbox
D. Snapshot

Correct Answer: C
Section: Application, Data and Host Security

Sandboxing is the process of isolating a system before installing new applications on it so as to restrict any potential malware that may be embedded in the new application from being
able to cause harm to production systems.

Incorrect Answers:
A: In a cloud environment, data or applications are stored on the internet rather than on the local network.
B: In a trusted environment communications between systems are permitted and systems are not isolated.
D: Snapshots are backups of virtual machines that can be used to quickly recover from poor updates, and errors arising from newly installed applications.

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