CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q847

Which of the following devices would be the MOST efficient way to filter external websites for staff on an internal network?

A. Protocol analyzer
B. Switch
C. Proxy
D. Router

Correct Answer: C
Section: Application, Data and Host Security

A proxy is a device that acts on behalf of other devices. All internal user communications with the Internet could be controlled through a proxy server, which can be configured to
automatically filter out or block certain sites and content. It can also cache often-accessed sites to improve performance.

Incorrect Answers:
A: A protocol analyzer is a packet capturing tool that can collect network traffic. Most analyzers typically offer both capture filters, which specifies which network packets should be
saved to the capture file or buffer, and display filters, which can be used to find captured network packets of interest. It does not block network packets.
B: A switch is a network device that connects many other devices together. The switch uses a media access control (MAC) addresses table pass network traffic it receives to the
intended recipient. It does not offer other sniffing, filtering or blocking features.
D: A router is a network device that connects several network segments. It allows traffic to flow from one network segment to another by using a routing table. It does not offer other
sniffing, filtering or blocking features.

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