CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q857

It has been discovered that students are using kiosk tablets intended for registration and scheduling to play games and utilize instant messaging. Which of the following could BEST eliminate this issue?

A. Device encryption
B. Application control
C. Content filtering
D. Screen-locks

Correct Answer: B
Section: Application, Data and Host Security

Application control is the process of controlling what applications are installed on a device. This may reduce exposure to malicious software by limiting the user’s ability to install
applications that come from unknown sources or have no work-related features.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Device encryption encrypts the data on the device. This feature ensures that the data on the device cannot be accessed in a useable form should the device be stolen.
C: Content filtering usually refers to web site content. It entails inspecting the data on a web page against a blacklist of unwanted terms and preventing access to that web page.
D: Screen-lock is a security feature that requires the user to enter a PIN or a password after a short period of inactivity before they can access the system again. This feature ensures
that if your device is left unattended or is lost or stolen, it will be difficult for anyone else to access your data or applications.

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