CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q866

Which of the following types of security services are used to support authentication for remote users and devices?

A. Biometrics

Correct Answer: C
Section: Access Control and Identity Management

RADIUS authentication phase takes place when a network client connects to a network access server (NAS) and provides authentication credentials. The NAS will then make use of
the authentication credentials to issue a RADIUS authentication request to the RADIUS server, which will then exchange RADIUS authentication messages with the NAS.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Biometrics refers to a collection of physical attributes of the human body that can be used as identification or an authentication factor. Devices cannot use this.
B: HSM is a physical computing device that protects and oversees digital keys for strong authentication and provides cryptoprocessing. It is not used for the authentication of remote
users and devices?
D: TACACS was used for communicating with an authentication server, not the actual authentication.


What is a RADIUS Server?

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