CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q888

A user ID and password together provide which of the following?

A. Authorization
B. Auditing
C. Authentication
D. Identification

Correct Answer: C
Section: Access Control and Identity Management

Authentication generally requires one or more of the following:
Something you know: a password, code, PIN, combination, or secret phrase.
Something you have: a smart card, token device, or key.
Something you are: a fingerprint, a retina scan, or voice recognition; often referred to as biometrics, discussed later in this chapter.
Somewhere you are: a physical or logical location.
Something you do: typing rhythm, a secret handshake, or a private knock.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Authorization occurs after authentication, and ensures that the requested activity or object access is possible given the rights and privileges assigned to the authenticated identity.
Authorization indicates who is trusted to perform specific operations.
B: Auditing is generally used for compliance testing.
D: Identification is the claiming of an identity, only has to take place once per authentication or access process.

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