CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q909

A network administrator uses an RFID card to enter the datacenter, a key to open the server rack, and a username and password to logon to a server. These are examples of which of Ψ±the following?

A. Multifactor authentication
B. Single factor authentication
C. Separation of duties
D. Identification

Correct Answer: B
Section: Access Control and Identity Management

Single-factor authentication (SFA) is a process for securing access to a given system by identifying the party requesting access via a single category of credentials. In this case, the
network administrator makes use of an RFID card to access the datacenter, a key to access the server rack, and a username and password to access a server.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Multifactor authentication requires a user to provide two or more authentication factors in order to access a given system.
C: Separation of duties divides administrator or privileged tasks into separate groupings, which in turn, is individually assigned to unique administrators.
D: Identification only proves who the user is, it will not give access.

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