CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q971

Which of the following practices reduces the management burden of access management?

A. Password complexity policies
B. User account audit
C. Log analysis and review
D. Group based privileges

Correct Answer: D
Section: Access Control and Identity Management

Granting permissions to all members of a group is quicker than individually assigning them to each user. This means an administrator will spend less time on assigning permissions to
users who require the same access privileges.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Password complexity determines what a password should include. It will not reduce the management burden of access management.
B: User account auditing can be used to establish whether users have been suitably carrying out their work tasks or if there have been failed and/or successful attempts at violating
company policies or the law. This helps to detect unauthorized access after it has occurred.
C: Log analysis is used for reviewing audit trails and log files for evidence of policy violations, malicious events, downtimes, bottlenecks, or other issues of concern. This helps to detect
unauthorized access after it has occurred.

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