CompTIA Security Plus Mock Test Q977

Which of the following techniques enables a highly secured organization to assess security weaknesses in real time?

A. Access control lists
B. Continuous monitoring
C. Video surveillance
D. Baseline reporting

Correct Answer: B
Section: Access Control and Identity Management

Continuous monitoring point toward the never-ending review of what resources a user actually accesses, which is critical for preventing insider threats. Because the process is neverending,
assessments happen in real time.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Access Control List (ACL) specifies which users are allowed or refused the different types of available access based on the object type. It does not to assess security weaknesses in
real time.
C: Video surveillance provides real time monitoring of physical threats.
D: A baseline report compares the current status of network systems in terms of security updates, performance or other metrics to a predefined set of standards. It does not to assess
security weaknesses in real time.

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