CompTIA Security Exam Practice Questions Sample SY0 501 Q162

A copy of a highly confidential salary report was recently found on a printer in the IT department. The human resources department does not have this specific printer mapped to its devices, and it is suspected that an employee in the IT department browsed to the share where the report was located and printed it without authorization. Which of the following technical controls would be the BEST choice to immediately prevent this from happening again?

A. Implement a DLP solution and classify the report as confidential, restricting access only to human resources staff
B. Restrict access to the share where the report resides to only human resources employees and enable auditing
C. Have all members of the IT department review and sign the AUP and disciplinary policies
D. Place the human resources computers on a restricted VLAN and configure the ACL to prevent access from the IT department

Correct Answer: B