CompTIA Security Exam Practice Questions Sample SY0 501 Q314

Many employees are receiving email messages similar to the one shown below:

From IT department
To employee
Subject email quota exceeded

Pease click on the following link and provide your username and password to increase your email quota.

Upon reviewing other similar emails, the security administrator realized that all the phishing URLs have the following common elements; they all use HTTP, they all come from .info domains, and they all contain the same URI.
Which of the following should the security administrator configure on the corporate content filter to prevent users from accessing the phishing URL, while at the same time minimizing false positives?

A. BLOCK http://www.*.info/”
B. DROP http://”*
C. Redirect http://www,*. Info/email.php?quota=*TO
D. DENY http://*.info/email.php?quota=1Gb

Correct Answer: D