CompTIA Security Exam Practice Questions Sample SY0 501 Q434

A technician receives a device with the following anomalies:
Frequent pop-up ads
Show response-time switching between active programs Unresponsive peripherals
The technician reviews the following log file entries:

File Name Source MD5 Target MD5


antivirus.exe F794F21CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF267ED2 F794F21CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF267ED2 Automatic iexplore.exe 7FAAF21CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF29CCEA
AA87F21CD33E4F57890DDEAEE2197333 Automatic service.exe 77FF390CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF28881F 77FF390CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF28881F Manual USB.exe
E289F21CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF28EDC0 E289F21CD33E4F57890DDEA5CF28EDC0 Stopped

Based on the above output, which of the following should be reviewed?

A. The web application firewall
B. The file integrity check
C. The data execution prevention
D. The removable media control

Correct Answer: B