Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question321

During an ad-hoc meeting, the OM notifies the sponsor that while the project is on schedule, material costs have increased and the project is over budget. To save the project, the PM request a material contract with a less expensive vendor. The sponsor approves the change, and project comes in within target tolerances. The company, however, receives numerous stakeholder complaints.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of these complaints?

The quality of the deliverable decreased due to the rising material cost.
B. The PM did not follow the project communication plan.
C. Quality assurance actions were not adjusted for the vendor change.
D. The change was not documented and approved.

Correct Answer: A

Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question320

A project manager is meeting with top management executives and presenting a project status report. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other executives complain that the meeting is taking too long and not providing summary information on the projects progress.

Which of the following should the project manager be presenting?

Project issue
B. Project dashboard
C. Project schedule
D. Project milestone

Correct Answer: B

Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question319

One of the tasks on a projects critical path is progressing too slowly. The team member who is responsible for completing the task is assigned to multiple projects with aggressive deadlines.

Which of the following roles has the responsibility of resolving the issue?

C. Project sponsor
D. Project scheduler

Correct Answer: B

Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question318

A project manager is analyzing the cost variances produced when comparing two different projects completions.

Which of the following factors could be causing the increased variance for the four-month projects? (Select two.)

Increased resource productivity
B. Increased resource allocation
C. Increased schedule variance
D. Increased labor cost
E. Increased labor overhead

Correct Answer: DE

Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question317

The design team and development team disagree about what technology should be used for a major requirement. A brainstorming meeting takes place, where both teams focus on the mutually agreed-upon deliverables.

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques did the teams use?

B. Smoothing
C. Confronting
D. Forcing

Correct Answer: A

Project+ PK0-004 Practice – Question314

A project team is identifying, rating the probability of, and determining the impact on potential problems throughout the project.
The team is also including the corresponding actions to take.

Which of the following activities does this describe?

Risk identification
B. Risk quantification
C. Risk planning
D. Risk qualification

Correct Answer: C