Project+ PK0-004 – Question033

A project team is overseeing the installation of a new reptile habitat at the local zoo. During execution, zoo personnel decides to house a different type of reptile that will require a different temperature range than the capacity of the installed system. The modification has been approved.
Which of the following constraints are MOST likely to be affected? (Choose two.)

Quality because the existing system is now outside the threshold.
B. Requirements because this is a change to initial scope.
C. Cost because replacing the system incurs additional expense.
D. Schedule because this was an unscheduled task and will impact the timeline.
E. Stakeholders because they will need to understand the modification and provide buy-in.

Correct Answer: CD


References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 293